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Among the services InfoMedia offers is targeted

database marketing. We have a very current membership

database (100% opt-in by the members themselves) containing full demographic information about our members, as well as their areas of interest.


Traditional direct marketing averages a response rate that is 30-35

times (rates for a 100% opt-in, targeted database are even higher)

higher than advertisements in the national press (Source: The Institute of Direct Marketing. Response rates vary widely depending on the product, targeting, offer, timing, creative treatment and response mechanism).


Therefore, targeted "permission marketing" to a 100% opt-in database of willing customers (who give you their expressed permission to contact

them) is a must-have, offering you a most cost-effective and efficient avenue to reach your target audience.


Instead of advertising to the masses and hoping to capture the attention of your target market, we have collected your targeted market for you. We have collected the seashells for you so that you don't have to walk the vast seaside yourself.



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